Batch 3 of Original Spooklights!

//Batch 3 of Original Spooklights!

Batch 3 of Original Spooklights!

It occurred to me, after a couple of recent orders (post newsletter), to check stock on the Spooklights Pendant/Lamp Shade and the Candlestick/Lamp Base which unbeknownst to me had depleted themselves! I’ve checked existing stock on the various parts that make up these Halloween vintage-style lanterns (acid free museum board and laser-printed vellum) and can confirm at least another 9 could be made available for immediate orders. Anything beyond that, may require more time to produce. While the descriptions ask for at least 2-3 weeks for production and shipping, most items have been arriving within a week of the order.

By the way, I also just noticed the e-mail contact page was broken, and have fixed this. I wanted to mention this page in my product descriptions, just in case I miss the fact that stock has again run out. Please feel free to contact Bindlegrim with any questions through that page.



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