Bindlegoods will be closed Oct 18-Nov 3

Plan ahead for seasonal closure of the shop during the upcoming holiday to give ol' Bindlegrim himself a chance to enjoy some Halloween spookin-n-hauntin. Bindlegrim's October schedule: October 11 - Halloween Trunk Show #9 - (halloweentrunkshow.com) October 17 - Final date to place a Bindlegoods order for Halloween 2014! October 31 - Happy Hallowe'en!

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Batch 3 of Original Spooklights!

It occurred to me, after a couple of recent orders (post newsletter), to check stock on the Spooklights Pendant/Lamp Shade and the Candlestick/Lamp Base which unbeknownst to me had depleted themselves! I've checked existing stock on the various parts that make up these Halloween vintage-style lanterns (acid free museum board and laser-printed vellum) and can confirm at least [...]

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2nd Annual Summer Sale

Bindlegrim is having a 2nd Annual Summer Sale to clear out past Halloween lanterns (and slot-tab candy containers) from the 2013 season, from the limited edition Creeps and Spirits, and week one ends Sunday July 19th, 2014. For full details on where to find these items (not on Bindlegoods) please visit the original Bindlegrim blog: [...]

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Quick Spooklights Photoshoot

A big Bindlegrim thank-you to everyone for all the website orders the opening month of the Bindlegoods online store! This holiday weekend there was a fun order for four pre-assembled lanterns, and this seemed a perfect chance to grab a few photos for the customer, and for the website --- (since Spooklights are only made [...]

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