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    Four images in Medieval portrait style, featuring early century German-style pumpkins held in the hands of archetypal Halloween characters - a snarling black cat, a vicious green witch, a fiery red devil, and a weathered scarecrow. Lots of color, texture, and details of original Bindlegrim art printed on a matte surface 4x6" postcard. Stay in touch with facebook, the blog. or newsletter, for the newest updates on the next sale or holiday event!
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    On Stranger Winds Tall Tales for Shorter Days Vol. 1 2013 Fantasy Award Winner NM-AZ Book Awards! Six tales through the eerie heart of autumn from innocent yesteryear to sinister plots of the bewitched.
      1. The Herbivorous Witch 2. Jitter 3. The Pumpkin Dream 4. Watrous & Valmora 5. The Ballad of Papi Huesos 6. Let Rains Bring Toads