Wall Hook (Bat)

//Wall Hook (Bat)

Wall Hook (Bat)


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Bindlegrim’s last item from the 2014 Spooklights short-production series. This bat silhouette wall-hook is designed to hold paper lanterns (vintage or vintage-style) from your walls. In photos (shown here), the hook was simply hung with a couple of tacks, and allows a lantern (with battery operated candle) to hang from the bat’s feet or head. The bat itself will also hold a small battery-operated candle near the rear spirals. (This is a novelty item – hang priceless antiques  at your own risk).

Please note that Bindlegrim is a one-spook operation. Please allow time for shipping and handling on this artist-produced item. Stay in touch with facebook, the blog. or newsletter, for the newest updates on the next sale or holiday event!

Out of stock

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Bindlegrim’s release from the 2014 Spooklights series. A wall hook for those 1920s-1930s vintage or vintage-style Halloween lanterns. Hung from string, lanterns dangle from the bat’s feet, or (for a little extra distance from the wall) around the bat’s head. The wings are also bendable giving an opportunity to style the silhouette for the best view.

The “shelf form” of the item also allows for a small LED battery-operated candle to sit inside of the bat’s form behind the rear spirals. As with any novelty vintage item, especially those made of paper, the advised lighting for this decor is an LED or 3 watt flicker bulbs. (Anything with a higher wattage, or open flame, runs the risk of warping and potential damage). When considering where to hang the item, note that is best viewed from the side profile or at an angle.

The frame is made from 2-play acid-free museum board and hangs against a surface with firm solidity. Shipped pre-assembled, the pieces is packaged with a card of authenticity and label tag. Note this item is a limited run with an undetermined final production number.



Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in

7" high by 7" wide. 5" depth.


Black Frame, Variable Pane Content


2 Ply Acid-Free Museum Board