Beasties (Full Base)

//Beasties (Full Base)

Beasties (Full Base)


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A special smaller-run variation for the 2015 Halloween season with numbered and signed limited-editions of Beasties. Each limited-edition set contains four characters – a witch, black cat, scarecrow, and devil.

* There are 20 in the full base edition. This short run was created special for introduction in 2015 at The Halloween Trunk Show #10.
* The photoshoot for this product shows an Artist Proof set which may have been dinged by the process. Your set will be newly packaged, signed and numbered (#/20) accordingly.

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Out of stock

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Special edition variation from the 2015 Halloween season, a limited-edition run of the Beasties, with full base honeycomb. Each set contains four characters – witch, black cat, scarecrow, and a devil.

Beasties are authentic diecut-process characters with dual-side front/back printing in deep blacks, oranges, and yellows (with a satin low-gloss surface-quality). The stock is a sturdy 34pt-thick weight, with each diecut characters surrounded by a dimensional tissue-paper basket of orange honeycomb, specially re-created for this set to offer smaller spacing and a hole/layer ratio, together with a “full skirt” shape reminiscent of vintage items circa 1920’s-1930’s.

The roly-poly  can be placed in upright positions (with minimal support), tilted (at a randomly natural angle), or, as I discovered when a wind came thru the window — in spinning motion across the table.

The Beasties are assembled and packaged by-hand by the artist so some variation should be expected. Sealed package will include 8 “witch pins” to fasten honeycomb for display.

Note this item is a limited run — all characters and corresponding envelope with be signed and numbered in the edition.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz

Assembled characters are approximately 8.5" tall, 5" wide and deep.


Printed 34pt satin diecut stock. Tissue-paper honeycomb with 2-ply museum board supports. Vellum envelope contains 4 characters with "witch pins" to hold honeycomb in display mode.


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