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Monster Votive


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Bindlegrim releases from the 2014 Spooklights short-production series. This 4-sided vintage-style monster votive is designed with light-up top (an inverted shade) that positions itself on a base of eight limbs.

NOTE: Bindlegrim is a one-spook operation. Please allow time for shipping and handling on this artist-produced item.

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Out of stock


From Bindlegrim’s 2014 Spooklights series — a 4-sided 1920s vintage-style Halloween shade (here inverted) to become the top of the base (included) sporting 8 limbs (4 spiraling outward from the body as well as 4 smaller limbs toward the interior that can also be bent into various positions).

The frame is made from 2-play acid-free museum board and (unlike vintage designs) assembles with firm solidity from the addition of bendable side tabs (that also block light at the corners). The vellum imagery (on first release of this lantern) feature large eerie eyeball panes, laser-printed for durability. Nicknamed “Odilon” because of inspiration from the artist Redon.

As with any novelty vintage item, especially those made of paper, the advised lighting for this decor is an LED or 3 watt white light and/or flicker bulb (anything with a higher wattage, or open flame, runs the risk of warping and potential damage).

Shade parts are packaged with assembly instructions, a card of authenticity, and sealed for your collection. Note this item is a limited run with an undetermined final production number.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Black Frame, Variable Frame Content


2 Ply Acid-Free Museum Board