On Stranger Winds

//On Stranger Winds

On Stranger Winds


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On Stranger Winds
Tall Tales for Shorter Days Vol. 1

2013 Fantasy Award Winner NM-AZ Book Awards!
Six tales through the eerie heart of autumn from innocent yesteryear to sinister plots of the bewitched.

    1. The Herbivorous Witch
    2. Jitter
    3. The Pumpkin Dream
    4. Watrous & Valmora
    5. The Ballad of Papi Huesos
    6. Let Rains Bring Toads

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On Stranger Winds
Tall Tales for Shorter Days Vol. 1

Six journeys through heart of autumn from innocent yesteryear to sinister plots of bewitched creatures. Award winner of the scifi-fantasy category 2013 NM-AZ Book Awards..

First print editions (with soft matte cover), choice of personalization  from the author’s personal order of stocked copies.  One signed copy of spooky tales for any time of year by DIY author / publisher Bindlegrim (aka Robert Aaron Wiley). Written and created using zero-budget freeware software, and publish-on-demand services.

Quality paperback 8″x5.25″ – 138 cream pages, soft matte cover. Same 1st edition with new graphic layout on matte cover by author. Cover artwork is by David Irvine (aka The Gnarled Branch). Foreword by Daniel Boyer. Cover font is available from Sinister Visions.

  1. The Herbivorous Witch – who will have final say in a childhood squabble over the existence of a wintery witch and her diet?
  2. Jitter -a charmed scarecrow discovers a confusing realm of love and loss in the first days of his mysterious existence.
  3. The Pumpkin Dream (non-illustrated version) – a bored candy-pail pumpkin leads a trick-or-treat mouse on an adventure.
  4. Watrous & Valmora: Further Tales of Pumpkinheart – a Halloween tale of two children and unexpected havoc involving a magical jewel.
  5. The Ballad of Papi Huesos: Early Tales of Pumpkinheart – a mummified gent tries to finish a biographical ballad despite a Hallow’s Eve heist.
  6. Let Rains Bring Toads – villagers take a terrible gamble when making a request of a reluctant spellcaster.

Daniel Boyer of Critical Corner writes, “Robert Aaron Wiley (aka Bindlegrim) will without a doubt take you to a colder place, a world where trees are decorated in gold and orange if not barren, and darkness reigns supreme. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that there is happiness and humor to be found in such corners, when you look close enough, but by all means proceed with caution. Robert has October’s heart beating in his chest, and you will be transported accordingly.”

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Quality paperback 8″x5.25″


138 cream pages, soft matte cover.