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Who is Bindlegrim?

Bindlegrim-Haunted-House-icon-2013-250x250The life of Mr. Bumble Bindlegrim is shrouded in mystery and discrepant details. Said to be well-traveled, it is certain that he lived his later years on a small island in the rainy Northwest, on a small farm of moss-draped apple trees and wild rabbits, in a community where residents always wave.

It was during these years that a tourist (mentioned below) ineptly traversing the nebulous borders of properties and preserves of the island, stumbled upon Bindlegrim in his orchard, and upon striking up a long and pleasant discourse on the nature of holiday, was gifted with a set of dusty, brittle, and illuminating documents from the gentleman’s personal library.

Visit the original website www.bindlegrim.com for more information.;-

About the Artist


Growing up in the American South, I developed deep appreciation for the expressions of a mysterious world: (surreal kudzu-vine landscapes, waves of cicada calls through the trees, unidentifiable remnants on my grandfather’s dilapidated farm, fireflies, and moonlit treks with friends on forest paths or through rusted factories and train yards). In similar fashion, this appreciation drew me to the diverse people and landscapes of the Southwest, where for many years, in a little blue hatchback, accrued thousands of miles beyond my base of Albuquerque, New Mexico, to investigate cultural festivities, historical ruins, and fantastic natural wonders. After a refreshing ten year jaunt doing the same from Seattle, Washington, (from where I met the inscrutable Bindlegrim), I reside once more in the Southwest, my soul’s home. I looks forward to more adventures there creating new expressions of the mysterious world through writing, visual art, music, and multimedia projects.

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Photo by Johanna Parker.